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Operational in hours, not weeks 

  • Operational in hours

  • No hardware to procure

  • No software to install

  • We handle upgrades and maintenance

  • No upgrade charges

  • No maintenance charges

  • No training needed

  • Automated device discovery

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Does your solution cost more than you realize?

Traditional “on-site” implementations of network monitoring solutions can become complex and costly.

Procuring hardware, deploying the right OS, properly installing and activating the network monitoring software, setting up storage… there is a lot to do. Before you know it you are weeks into the process with thousands of dollars spent and still don’t have the implementation complete. HoosierVue simplifies all of these activities! There is no hardware to source, no software to download and install, and no patches to load. Simply load a few network parameters into your cloud instance and you’ll be monitoring your network in minutes!

Operating and maintaining an onsite network monitoring solution is loaded with hidden manpower demands  that drain local resources.

In addition to escalating annual maintenance charges from solution providers there are additional costs to consider.  Installing, managing, and updating on-site hardware and software requires a significant level of resource commitment. For example monitoring and managing security updates for your OS and your applications is critical and time consuming. These tasks are often very costly in terms of resource consumption – so maintenance is often delayed or neglected altogether. HoosierVue simplifies Day 2 operations by handling all software updates and security patches remotely in the HoosierVue cloud instance. Our SaaS model provides a simple payment model with no additional fees for maintenance.

Accurately forecasting expenses is a critical component of business success. 

Legacy on site models with initial capex, license fees, and annual maintenance charges lend themselves to surprises.  Unexpected upgrades and escalating maintenance fees can deliver a shock to your budget. Additionally, the manpower costs involved in conducting these ongoing maintenance activities is often over looked. Some estimate this cost to be equivalent to at least ¼ of a full time equivalent. HoosierVue's model eliminates these hidden and often surprising costs by leveraging a SaaS model. So a very low up front cost coupled with a predictable “all in” SaaS model eliminates escalating maintenance costs and surprise expenses!

Complex traditional on-site solutions require a commitment of man-hours of highly skilled staff. 

To properly maintain traditional solutions requires a good understanding of networking, security, server operating systems, and virtualization. The skill sets required do not come cheap, and many organizations simply don’t have the budget for such expenditures – or simply find these items to be “outside their wheelhouse.” HoosierVue delivers a simple, cloud native approach to network monitoring that removes complexity and allows even a novice to monitor the network effectively.  This frees up highly skilled staff to focus on matters that are core to your business success!

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