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The HoosierVue Advantage

  • Every device in a single view

  • Per component & port utilization

  • Enhanced graphing

  • Customizable alarm thresholds

  • Optional map view

  • Customizable notifications

  • Realtime & historical data

  • Centralized remote access


Top down view of your network


Devices are organized by type, network, location and health providing the most efficient way get a clear view of your network, specific device or location in just seconds.

  • Printers

  • IP Phones

  • Any Device

  • Any Vendor

  • Ethernids

  • Access Points

  • Switches

  • Cameras

  • Routers

  • Servers

  • Firewalls

  • NAS

Map view

Regional map views provide operations a great way to see where attention is needed and services are affected. For this reason, we made it simple to switch between our grid view and our map view.  Both views organize critical operations information making it as quick and easy to consume as possible.


All the details you need


HoosierVue is designed to continuously interact with each device pulling health, alarms and log information. HoosierVue turns this data into easy to digest intelligence about each device. This gives operations actionable intelligence to act upon immediately.

Per component/port metrics


Many device components (Ports for example) serve mission critical services and need extra attention. HoosierVue provides per port and per radio bandwidth utilization giving operators a clear view of network bottlenecks before they affect the business or customer. Many additional operations metrics like memory, CPU and disk utilization are also included.

Centralized remote access


HoosierVue enables operations to open remote sessions to any device in the network with a single click. Optionally, encrypted credentials may be stored or users can enter credentials at the start of each session. HoosierVue keeps user activity logs, and provides a secure method of preventing network devices from autonomous access.

Customizable alarm thresholds


In some cases, operations prefer changing the default alarm thresholds for sensitive services to receive an earlier warning or suppress a known issue. HoosierVue replaces the need to access the device manually with customizable alarm notifications, and threshold settings for monitoring critical operations.

Enhanced customizable graphing

Graph Performance.png

HoosierVue’s powerful, customizable graphing enables operations to quickly translate operational performance data into actionable intelligence, making it easy to understand how the network is performing. HoosierVue stores all network data securely in the cloud for additional analytics purposes. Users can select real-time and historical graph views.

Customizable Notifications

HoosierVue provides a simple way to customize and manage alarm notifications, email alerts and texts. These notifications include powerful and informative information so recipients can take immediate action.

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