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HoosierVue provides network management as a service

with security as a deeply embedded feature, which is a step forward for customers who previously had a slew of concerns about maintaining a secure local infrastructure. Taylored Systems manages HoosierVue, a cloud-based network management solution (NMS) for SMBs based on COBO technology.

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"Our number one priority is to make network performance metrics consumable by a larger audience inside of an enterprise. So what we've done is rip out all of that complexity and replace it with an easy-to-use dashboard," 


                       - David Rash, Director of IT Services with Taylored Systems.

Three decades of trusted experience!

For over three decades, Taylored Systems has created customized technology solutions based on clients' specific needs. Our team has the experience you can trust to guide you in the right direction, regardless of your technology needs or knowledge. COBO, Inc is the "All Good" Cloud-Based Network Management Solution platform enabling service providers to deliver scalable solutions to clients.

Taylored Systems is a subsidiary wholly owned by New Lisbon Telephone Company. Founded in 1901, New Lisbon Telephone Company (NLTC) is one of the oldest telephone companies in Indiana and has a well-earned reputation for customer service that has never waned. 




Whether you have a few more questions or are ready to get started, one of our amazing product consultants will be eager to assist you!

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